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Drugs & Alcohol

Studies have shown that gay guys, bi guys and trans people are more likely to use alcohol and drugs and have higher rates of addiction than the rest of the population. Stress, discrimination, homophobia, and violence can lead to drug and alcohol use in our community. Drugs and alcohol can cause a wide range of physical and mental health problems and can hurt our relationships, our jobs, and our financial stability. Using alcohol and drugs like crystal meth, poppers and heroin also puts gay guys, bi guys, and trans folks at higher risk for getting HIV and other STIs.

Fortunately, there are many local resources specifically for members of our LGBTQ community. Some lean toward quitting or not using at all. Others are harm reduction, which means using less, using less frequently, or taking other steps to minimize harmful effects of drug and alcohol use. There are also resources to help if you are facing drug possession charges.

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Abstinence or Quitting

Information about not using substances at all

Harm Reduction

Information about using substances less and other methods of reducing harm from substance use

  • Harm Reduction International

    Harm reduction refers to policies, programs and practices that aim to reduce the harms associated with the use of psychoactive drugs in people unable or unwilling to stop

Substance Abuse

Gay and Bi Men's Substance Abuse


What's legal, what's not, and studies of addiction and healing

Needle Exchange

Find out how needle exchange lowers harm from injection drug use


Find out what to do in case of overdose

Alternative Recovery Support Groups

Secular addiction group therapy meetings that provide an alternative to the 12 Step model