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Health Alert: Have you had diarrhea for 48 hours or longer? Shigella is on the rise and, left untreated, can put you in the hospital. Go see your doctor right away and get tested for Shigella.
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Love your junk.

HPV VACCINE keeps cancer & genital warts out of your business.

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This Pill Can Prevent HIV.

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Welcome to We Are 1 

Health and wellness resources you can rely on. We are a group of community health agencies in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. We’ve come together to promote wellness and health for gay men, bi men, trans people, and straight men who love men. Look for the We Are 1 logo on health campaigns and education materials—it’s your guarantee the info is up-to-date, trustworthy and tailored to the needs of our local communities.

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